Heavy Metal Master

Name : Artax Masters
Age : 25
Height : 6'6
Weight : 200 lbs

Level 6 Musician/Steel Ace/Style Expert - Tough

Skills and Attributes
Body Good (+2)
Acrobatics: Untrained (2)
Athletics: Untrained (2)
Combat: Untrained (2)
Intimidate: Adept (4)
Stealth: Pathetic (1)
Survival: Untrained (2)

Mind Poor (-1)
Guile: Pathetic (1)
Perception: Untrained (2)
Edu (General): Untrained (2)
Edu (Medicine): Untrained (2)
Edu (Petrology): Untrained (2)
Edu (Pokemon): Untrained (2)
Edu (Occult): Untrained (2)
Edu (Science): Untrained (2)
Edu (Technology): Untrained (2)

Spirit Superb (+4)
Charm: Novice (3)
Command: Untrained (2)
Focus: Expert (5)
Intuition: Untrained (2)

Combat Stats
Hit Points 65/65
HP 15
Attack 7
Defense 11
Sp. Attack 10
Sp. Defense 7
Speed 7

Injuries: None

Physical Evasion: 2
Special Evasion: 1
Speed Evasion: 1

Sing/Battle/AC:10/Normal/Burst 2, Friendly, Sonic/All legal targets fall asleep
Supersonic/At-will/AC:10/Normal/Cone 2, Sonic/Confuses all legal targets
Struggle/At-Will/AC:4/DB4: /Normal/Melee

Capabilities: Power 5, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Overland 5
Abilities: Soundproof, Naturewalk
Action Points: 3/3



Above average height and a well toned body, Artax hasn't had a problem looking fairly intimidating when he wants to, the fact that he is always wearing on of two masks also helps with the intimidation factor. When he's out to perform or getting ready for a show he has his usual 'iconic' gear, (pictured above) but outside of that he tends to prefer a sturdy pair of cargo pants, a tank (or heavy sweater weather depending), and a good pair of steel toe boots.

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Stuff that doesn't get thrown at the Audience (maybe).


Head A Mask
Body -
Main Hand -
Off-Hand -
Feet A good sturdy pair of steel-toed boots (Refluffed Jungle Boots)
Accessory -

Electric Guitar - Guitar that he carries around for the occasion that he needs it. Pretty standard red and black.
Gold Filigree Mask - A mask that was designed for him once his performances started taking off. Pretty much only wears it when he performs, but always carries it around. (+1 to Intimidate)
Plain 'Ivory' Half-Mask - The mask his uncle first created for him after the accident that scarred his face. Almost never takes it off. (+1 to Intimidate)
Performance clothes - The gear he wears when he is performing for any reason really. Keeps it folded up at the bottom of his bag. (Fancy Clothes: +2d6 during the Introduction Stage of a Contest)
Spare pair of clothes - Because you never know when traveling.


1 Pokedex - Everyone has one right?
1 Full Heal - Cures all Persistent Status Afflictions
1 Heavy Ball - -5 Modifier for each Weight Class the target is above 1
2 Basic Ball - Basic Poké Ball; often called just a "Poké Ball".

698 PokeMoneys

Everyone has a Beginning.

In a world, where even the small can become larger than life. One man, one purpose.


Ok, ok, now that I got that off my chest let's get on with what you are really here for. How did the Legendary Silver Viper become the Legendary Silver Viper? Well I guess I'd better start from the beginning eh?

From what I've gathered over the years are mostly tales that ones sibling would tell to embarrass you, so take what I'm gonna tell you worth a grain of salt.

Apparently, Artax was about as awkward as you could get as a kid, short, fat…..well maybe not too awkward, no one ever said he was very smart, anyway to say the least he was picked on a lot as a kid. According to his sister the only friend he had in the world was their uncle's whismer. This kind of stuff happened for years, blah blah blah. Eventually, and I do mean eventually, he finally hit a growth spurt, and arceu be damned did he grow, he went from the twelve year old four foot nothing to the six foot god that he is today practically over night. Ok, fine it was over the summer but still, to those people that only saw him at school it probably seemed like over night, and arceus can you imagine the growing pain, yowzah. Hold on I'll be right back need to get a drink.

several beers later…..

OOOOoooky doky then, where was I? Oh right time to finally start getting into the good stuff. So I bet all you perty ladies wanna know why he wheres that mask of his all the time, well you are about to find out.

Ok so now Artax is all tall and shit now, that kinda got his act together and he lost a lot of weight and toned his ass up a bit, and one day as it be told, Artax was out wanderin' …ugh… I THINK he was out in the moors, down by oh, what's it called……well whatever he was out there in the wilds by himself. Anywho, he apparently had stumbled upon a group of zangoose, one of which was one of them abnoral types, had vemon in 'is claws, down right nasty sonovah. Well, this big bad mother didn't seem to like Artax wanderin' around his digs and attacked him, clawed his face up pretty damn good. From what Artax has told me this is when he first met Lazarith, or rather Lazarith met him if you want to be a bit more truthful. The zangoose attack cut him up prtty badly and that vemoned fella did some extra work on 'im, don't think Artax's body could handle the shock, cause he doesn't really remember much of anything after that point, just wakin' up in the hospital, face all wrapped up and tired as snorlax with a full belly.

Based on what the nurse had told him a wild seviper had brought him into the place not a moment to soon, and luckily he wasn't the first victim of that envenomed zan. Anyway he was out for a while, missed pretty much the rest of the school year from what I gather. When he finally healed up, he got one look at his face and refused to leave the house until someone did something for him. Luckily his uncle, you know the one with the whismer, is a badass in the world of crafts. Fixed up a mask for Artax to where right quick, not the one he wears for his shows, that one was made a bit later, nah just a half-mask, you know like that one in uh…….yamask of the opera. Yeah like that.

It wasn't to long after that he started going to metal shows, always liked the music, just never really had the guts to go to one, and that my little chikadees is where the legend of the silver viper began. By now I'm sure you are all aware that Burzum of Raging Metang, picked him up and gave him that magnemite of his showed him the ropes of the metal scene and what not. I'm sure you all are also aware that at this time his uncle gave him Ragnar the Mighty. Anyway it wasn't until he finally got his first hit that he ran into Lazarith again, during one of his shows a big commotion started up and that gang of zan, you know that gang, yah the one with the venom, crashed the stage fighting one of the biggest baddest 'vipers you ever saw, that's right ladies Lazarith, the Silver Viper's namesake. Anywho, at the time Lazarith wasn't faring to well, that bastard zan managed to get a few extra recruits or somethin' like that.

While Artax never saw Lazarith the first time they met, the nurse gave a perdy good discription of him, and I doubt there are many like him out there. Artax, Ragnar, and metal-floating-magig, I can never remember its damn name, went a riproarin' through them zan's busted a couple of them up perdy good. After the battle finally was finished, and those that happened to get hit in the crossfire were taken care of, Artax was cleanin up what was left of his gear when he heard a cry from under the rubble. Enter Koga, stage left. Poor little gal, all beat up and abandoned. Artax took care of the little metal head, tried for ages to find her owner, and eventually just took her in as his own. That little stinker, got him into all that contest nonsense, but let's not get me off on that tangent shall we.

I'm gonna need 'nother drink…..

Now well and thoroughly plastered

SHOkay, wer was we? Oh right, uh I forgot. Shaddup you! I be tellin' da stooory! Anyways, blah blah blah, got famous, got some wonky letta from some random guy, gave 'im that lazy no-good wailmer to get around on and well da' how i……..thud ……arted.

Tale of Artax Master's life and temporary retirement as told by his manager Jim Rodgers.

Current Traveling Team: 294.gif336.gif081.gif304.gif529.gif320.gif005.gif227.gif023.gif524.gif095.gif

Boxed Pokémon:

Pokémon History
Ragnar - Best Friend, taught him how to Growl.
Lazarith - Saved his life.
Melesoph - First Pokemon he caught, helped him learn guitar.
Koga - Found abandoned at a show.
Kazar - A gift from his sister.
Propo - A gift from his former manager.
Obsidia - Partner received from Prof Ironwood.
Krome - Partner received from Prof Ironwood.
Pharoh - Caught in desert while looking for Onix.
Rockette - Consolation Prize from a 1v1 contest with a wild onix.
Acolypse - Onix coerced into fighting by playing Enter the Sandile.

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