Game: {$game}


Name : {$name}
Age : {$age}
Height : {$height}
Weight : {$weight}

Level {$TL} {$class}

Skills and Attributes
Body {$body}
Acrobatics: {$acrobatics}
Athletics: {$athletics}
Combat: {$combat}
Intimidate: {$intimidate}
Stealth: {$stealth}
Survival: {$survival}

Mind {$mind}
General Education: {$generaledu}
Medicine Education: {$medicineedu}
Petrology Education: {$petrologyedu}
Pokemon Education: {$pokemonedu}
Occult Education: {$occultedu}
Science Education: {$scienceedu}
Technology Education: {$technologyedu}
Guile: {$guile}
Perception: {$perception}

Spirit {$spirit}
Charm: {$charm}
Command: {$command}
Focus: {$focus}
Intuition: {$intuition}

Combat Stats
Hit Points {$currentHP} / {$maxHP}
HP {$HP}
Attack {$ATK}
Defense {$DEF}
Sp. Attack {$SPATK}
Sp. Defense {$SPDEF}
Speed {$SPD}

Injuries: {$injuries}


Capabilities: {$capabilities}
Abilities: {$abilities}
Action Points: {$AP}




Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: {$EXP}

Level 1 Creation:


Feature List






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